Mastodon March

🦣 🦣 🦣

Give Mastodon a chance! One month No ragrets! March 2023. #mastodonmarch

If you've used Mastodon a couple of times but always felt like something is missing, that something might as well be people like you and me! For a bit longer than a day or two :)

With the rest of the social networks focused on making profit and establishing market dominance Mastodon feels like a natural alternative and hedge for the future. Its decentralized model seems to be a closer representation of real-life independent and small communities grown around a specific topic or theme where content and substance beat money and power.

I'll commit to a full month of Mastodon usage in March of 2023. and would love to be accompanied by other people joining the initiative. If nothing else you can consider it as a detox month from what the rest of the social networks have become.

See you on Mastodon during the month of March and onwards!


I'm in no way related to Mastodon or people building it, nor am I building/planing to build anything related to Mastodon.

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